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Student using a laptop Take advantage of the training courses and home study programs of The Travel Career Institute in Boca Raton, FL and enjoy studying in the comfort of your home. The program is designed for people who need homebound training. Because students can study at times that are right for them, it’s easy to work the course into their schedule.


Students can move at their own pace and go as fast or as leisurely as they please. You have 1 year to complete the course. Some students complete the course in as short as 2 months, others take the entire year. It’s entirely up to them.


After enrolling, the student receives their welcome/instruction letter, textbook, geography book, atlas, several industry brochures, photocopies of industry resource materials, cruise and tour video, and flash drive quizzes.


The student then begins their studies. After completing each section of the theory portion of the course, the student takes the appropriate quiz for each chapter. The flash drive quiz automatically grades and records the students’ progress. Upon completion of all quizzes, the student takes the final exam and returns it to us. This must be completed and returned as quickly as possible. Once the theory portion is complete, the student begins computer training.


Students will use an internet interactive version. For students who are charged for extra hours or students with no internet access, the Sabre CD-ROM is used. Only Sabre is available on CD-ROM. The internet interactive version allows the student to choose which reservation system they would like to learn. The student can choose from Sabre, Apollo/Galileo, Amadeus, or Worldspan. These are the 4 major systems used around the world. We will suggest which system we believe the student should learn based on the area where the student resides or wants to work.

There are two computer training options:
  1. Home study training utilizing internet connection which is comprised of interactive instructions and exercises dealing with basic computerized reservations tasks. Students must have basic computing skills.
  2. Home study training utilizing CD-ROM media which is comprised of interactive instructions and exercises dealing with basic computerized reservations tasks. Students must have basic computing skills. Note that the CD-ROM is for Sabre training only.

Upon successful completion of the computer portion of the course and the return of all materials (CD-ROM), the students will receive a certificate of completion from the institute. Since we are an educational affiliate of the Institute of Certified Travel Agents (ICTA), the certificate is recognized worldwide.

After completion, the student begins the job search. The student will receive telephone counseling on the strategies and activities necessary to become employed. This job placement assistance will continue until the student is placed. Some students choose to pursue ownership of their own business at this point. This option is covered in detail during the course.


This is a wonderful time to get into travel. The internet is fueling the industry and many travel agents are doing lots of business on the net. For the first time in the history of travel, the agent is not limited to the customer base in their neighborhood.

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